Trade License Process and Cost in Bangladesh

January 29, 2024


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Obtaining a trade license is an important requirement when setting up a business in Bangladesh. It is very important to ensure that your commercial activities are in full compliance with the law and have the required approvals. This guide provides a thorough examination of the trade licensing process in Bangladesh and the associated costs.

Understanding trade licenses

Definition and Purpose

A company is authorized to engage in activities within a specific territory for the purpose of doing business when it obtains a trade license, which is an official authorization granted by an administrative authority.

This authorization allows the company to conduct commercial operations within the region. This authorization is presently in the hands of the respective companies. The most important objective is to ensure that each and every economic activity is in compliance with all the fundamental legal and regulatory standards that are currently in place. This is the most important goal.

Local Government Authority

In order for a company to get a trade license, it is required to submit a request for approval to the local government agency that is responsible for the territory in which the company is situated. In order to get a business license, you are necessary to have this permission.

When referring to municipal or city corporations in Bangladesh, this term is often used as a synonym for the local administration. In other words, the phrase is used interchangeably.

Steps in the Trade License Process

Application Submission

The first thing that has to be done in order to complete the process is to submit a detailed application for a business license. With this, we will get started with the process. While you are going through the process of applying for the position, you will be required to provide information that is important to the company, its operations, and the location of the premises where the business will be carried out.

Document Submission

It will be important for you to be in possession of the documents that are needed in order for you to be able to give support for the application. There are a number of papers that are included in this collection of paperwork. These documents include proof of identity, evidence of domicile, a lease agreement for the company premises, and any other documents that they would want from the local authorities.

Site Inspection

It is within the authority of the local authorities to carry out a site inspection in order to validate the information that was disclosed in the application. This is really something that can be accomplished. The implementation of this approach ensures that all legal regulations, particularly those pertaining to safety and zoning, are adhered to in the right way.

Fee Payment

After the verification procedure has been successfully completed, the applicant must next pay the fees that are associated with the application for the trade license. There are a lot of factors that might potentially have an effect on the fee structure. These factors include the nature of the organization, the size of the company, and the location of the activity.

License Issuance

After all of the requirements have been met and the money that is associated with the trade license has been paid, the local government will then issue the license. The possession of this document serves as official authorization for the firm to start activities within the jurisdiction that has been selected.

Costs Associated with Trade Licenses

Fee Structure

The price of a trade license in Bangladesh is determined by a number of different criteria, such as the kind of company, the size of the firm, and the location of the facilities where the business is located. The fees may vary depending on the size of the business, whether it be small, medium, or big, as well as the sort of commercial activity being conducted.

Renewal Costs

Additionally, in addition to the payments that were initially required for the application, businesses need to be aware of the expenses that are involved with the renewal process. Trade licenses often have a validity period, which necessitates that they be renewed on a regular basis in order to guarantee that they continue to comply with the law and that they continue to enable businesses to continue their activities.

Compliance and Best Practices

Timely Renewal

It is essential that businesses make the timely renewal of their trade licenses a priority in order to avoid any potential legal issues. This will help enterprises avoid any legal concerns. The method for renewal, which is a process that is comparable to the steps that were included in the first application, often necessitates the submission of updated paperwork as well as the payment of renewal expenses.

Regulatory Updates

Stay abreast of any changes in regulations or requirements pertaining to trade licenses. Regularly liaise with local government authorities to stay informed about updates and amendments that may impact business operations.


Navigating the trade license process in Bangladesh is vital for ensuring legal authorization and compliance for business operations. By understanding the steps involved, fulfilling documentation requirements, and adhering to fee obligations, businesses can secure trade licenses efficiently and embark on their commercial endeavors within Bangladesh’s vibrant economic landscape.

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