Factory Establishment Licenses

June 27, 2023


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Factory Establishment Licenses in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, all factories and enterprises are required to register with the government in accordance with the Factories Act and Rules. All factories in Bangladesh are required by law to have a factory establishment authorization.

The District Office of the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE) is responsible for the construction, establishment, and expansion of a factory, as well as its license acquisition and renewal. It is an impartial government agency responsible for inspecting the health and safety of Bangladeshi industries and other facilities. In addition, it educates and trains factories on worker health and Bangladeshi labor law enforcement.

The government has implemented an online application service for obtaining a business license. The Labor Inspection Management Application (LIMA) is a Department of Inspection of Factories and Establishments portal that significantly simplifies the application procedure.

Documents Needed:

1.Construction layout of the plant

2.Copy of the Business License

3.Completely filled out Forms 1 and 2.

4.Articles of Association (only for Limited Companies)

5.Original license charge or renewal fee receipt or Treasury Challan

6.License Reception and Renewal Payment based on the number of employees.


The online steps for acquiring a factory establishment license are outlined below:

1.Visit the Labour Inspection Management Application website located at “https://lima.dife.gov.bd/”

2.From the top menu, select “Forms” and then Forms “76” (approving the Factory Layout Plan) and “77” (License Application).

3.Generate a Username and Password

4.Auto Login/Login to Lima Portal with the new User ID and Password.

5.Complete the application form with the required information.

6.Attach any necessary attachments

7.Save application draft or complete the application

8.File Your Application

The DIFE Licensing Authority then evaluates the application.

10.The application is then sent to DIG (Deputy inspector general of police) or IG (inspector general of police), depending on the industry.

11.DIG/IG will evaluate the application and provide feedback.

12.If necessary, the factory or establishment shall be inspected and provide an inspection report.

13.If the Licensing Authority/DIG is satisfied after all evaluation and verification, the factory license shall be issued.

14.Obtain the Manufacturer’s License

Hire the best law firm in Bangladesh to get your Factory Registration Certificate:

TAHMIDUR RAHMAN REMURA WAHID Associates provides assistance in acquiring Factory Establishment Licenses.
To acquire a factory establishment license, TAHMIDUR RAHMAN REMURA WAHID can provide the following services:

TAHMIDUR RAHMAN REMURA WAHID has an excellent and capable team that can procure a license for a factory establishment. To apply for a factory license, it is first necessary to establish an account on the LIMA website. Legal professionals can initiate the application process by establishing an account on the LIMA online portal.

Supporting documents can vary depending on the sort of Factory or Establishment. The legal team of TAHMIDUR RAHMAN REMURA WAHID assists in the collection of supporting application documents, such as the NOC, Trade License/Incorporation Certificate, etc., and then prepares an application for a Factory License.

The legal specialists at TAHMIDUR RAHMAN REMURA WAHID can assist with drafting, collecting, and preparing the supporting documents. TAHMIDUR RAHMAN REMURA WAHID also makes the required government fee payments to the appropriate authority. The law firm is also considered as the Best law firm for industry in Bangladesh.

Once the application has been submitted, the status of the application can be monitored, and if the licensing authority requests additional documentation, the TAHMIDUR RAHMAN REMURA WAHID team can comply.

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