How to Get Warisan and Succession Certificate

February 1, 2024


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In many countries, including Bangladesh, obtaining a warisan or succession certificate is essential for legal purposes related to inheritance and distribution of property. These certificates serve as proof of proper succession and transfer ownership of property, assets or financial accounts from the deceased to their legal heirs. Here is a step by step guide on how to get Warisan or Inheritance Certificate:

1. Determine the qualifications

Before applying for Warisan or Inheritance Certificate, it is important to determine whether you are eligible to inherit the property or assets of the deceased under the applicable laws of the country. Generally, legal heirs include spouses, children, parents and other close relatives.

2. Collect the necessary documents

Collect all necessary documents to support your application for Warisan or Inheritance Certificate. This may include:

  • Death certificate of deceased person
  • Identity card of deceased and legal heirs (eg national identity card, passport)
  • Evidence of relationship to the deceased (eg, marriage certificate, birth certificate)

Description of property or assets inherited
Any other relevant documents specified by the authority

3. Prepare the application form

Get the prescribed application form for warisan or inheritance certificate from the concerned government authority or court. Fill the form accurately and completely providing all necessary information and supporting documents.

4. Submit the application

Submit the completed application along with supporting documents to the government office or court responsible for issuing or Inheritance Certificates. Pay any applicable fees or charges as required.

5. Verification and Processing

Once the application is submitted, the authorities will verify the information provided and conduct any inquiry or investigation necessary to confirm the validity of the inheritance claim. This may involve verifying the identity of legal heirs and checking evidence of relationship with the deceased.

6. Issuance of Certificates

If the authorities are satisfied with the validity of the application and the supporting documents, they will issue or inheritance certificates to the eligible legal heirs. The certificate usually contains details such as the name of the legal heirs, the deceased’s property or property inherited and any other relevant information.

7. Use of Certificates

A warisan or inheritance certificate can be used as legal proof of inheritance to transfer ownership of property or assets of a deceased person. It may be required for various purposes including property registration, accessing bank accounts, claiming insurance benefits and settling estate disputes.


Obtaining a warisan or succession certificate is an important step in the process of inheriting property or assets from a deceased person. By following the steps outlined above and providing the necessary documents and information, the legal heirs can easily obtain the certificate and ensure that their rightful inheritance is duly recognized and transferred.


Is a Warisan or Succession Deed the same as a Will?

No, a Warisan or Deed of Succession is different from a Will. While a will is a legal document prepared by the deceased to specify how their assets should be distributed after their death, a warisan or succession certificate is issued by authorities to ensure proper succession and facilitate the transfer of inheritance.

How long does it take to get Warisan or Succession Certificate?

The processing time for obtaining the or Inheritance Certificate may vary depending on the country and the expertise of the relevant government authorities. In some cases, the process may take weeks to months to complete.

Warisan or inheritance certificate can be contested in court?

Yes, if there is a dispute or disagreement between the legal heirs regarding the inheritance or validity of the certificate, they can take legal action to challenge or contest the certificate in court.

Can a lawyer help you get or Inheritance Certificate?

Yes, it is advisable to seek legal advice and assistance from a qualified lawyer experienced in inheritance and property matters to ensure a smooth and efficient process of obtaining Warisan or Inheritance Certificate.

Is a warisan or inheritance certificate valid for all types of assets and properties?

Yes, a warisan or succession certificate is generally valid for all types of property and assets owned by the deceased, including real estate, bank accounts, investments and other financial assets.

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