Bangladeshi Rent Control and Tenant Rights

February 8, 2024


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The right to housing is a human construct recognized by international law, and the construct is no different. Tenant’s Rights and Rent Control Acts play a key role in regulating tenants’ rights in balance with landlords’ rights. In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of tenant rights and rent control laws.

Tenant rights of value

1. A right to representation: As a democratic tenant, you have the right to a written tenancy disclosure This duty should clearly outline the terms of your tenancy, including paying rent, the duration of the tenancy and the responsibilities of both parties.

2. Protection from Discrimination: Discrimination by law against tenants on the basis of religion, sex, race or other characteristics Landlords must treat all tenants fairly and equitably.

3. Right to Privacy: Tenants have the right to occupy their rented premises free from unwanted intrusions from the landlord. Landlords can only go through certain circumstances and by prior reply.

4. Repairs and Maintenance: Landlord is responsible for habitable maintenance. If the repairs are done right, the landlord must fix them quickly. Tenant must report any maintenance issues to Landlord.

5. Security Deposit: Landlords can collect a security deposit from tenants, but it should be legal. The tenancy must repay this deposit as rent, less any deductions for damages or unpaid rent.

Political Rent Control Act of Tenant Rights

State, more people live as tenants in other premises and find it difficult to cope with massive rent increases. Enactment of Characteristic Rent Control Act In addition to controlling rent and for Tenant Rights, this Act also protects the rights and immunities of landlords and tenants.

This portal provides information on tenancy policies, landlord-tenant implications, tenancy policies, a regulator’s ability, right to set a specific policy and policy, how notices are served, taxes are paid. Houses, etc. In addition, we focus on the penalty system, we include and other related issues.

Bangladesh has implemented rent control laws to ensure fair and reasonable prices, especially in urban areas where demand for rental properties is high. Here are some key points related to rent control laws:

Rent Ceilings: Rent control laws allow landlords to set the rent they can charge. This ceiling addresses preventing rent increases and keeping rents from being overpriced.
Rent Increases: Landlords generally increase rents during rent increases. If a landlord wants to increase the rent, they must provide a rent escalation notice, and must state the proposal.

Courts in rent control: In case of rent-related disputes, the Tenant Rights can approach the court of law for resolution of the house. Check the question to ensure that the rules of passage are being followed.

Eviction restrictions: Rent control laws provide some relief against eviction. A person can only evict a Tenant Rights with cause, such as nonpayment of rent to the landlord or prior breach of the lease.

Tips for renters of Tenant Rights

To claim your rights as revenue rent, follow these tips:

Documentation Office with you: These documents can be important to see if any correspondence from the landlord disputes your Tenant Rights office rent.

Pay rent on time: Always pay your rent on time to avoid problems with your landlord. If you experience problems, contact your landlord as soon as possible.

Enter Maintenance Issues: Immediately enter repair or maintenance issues by engaging your landlord. This ensures that it is habitable.Know your rights: Familiarize yourself with your rights as an allied Tenant Rights under Bangladeshi law. Knowledge is your best defense against conflict.

Advantages and disadvantages of rent control laws

There are both advantages and disadvantages to rent control laws for both landlords and Tenant Rights. Some of the advantages of Rent Control Act include:
Tenant financial savings: Rent control laws limit the amount of legal rent increases, which can result in significant financial savings for tenants.

Increased Access to Housing: Rent control laws can make housing more affordable for low-income renters, who may struggle to keep or secure a home in the first place.

However, there are also some disadvantages of rent control laws, including:
Reduced Incentives for Landlords: Rent control laws can reduce the incentives for landlords to maintain and improve their properties, as they may not be able to charge higher rents to cover costs.

Decrease in the supply of rental properties: Rent control laws can decrease the supply of rental properties, as landlords may be less likely to invest in new properties or maintain existing properties.

Illegal eviction of the tenant

As per the provisions of this Act, a landlord cannot evict a tenant without giving prior notice. But a landlord can evict a tenant without giving prior notice in certain circumstances, which are as follows:

If the tenant commits any act contrary to the provisions of the Act.
If the tenant has done any act contrary to Section 108 of the Transfer of Property Act-1882.

In the absence of any written agreement, if the Tenant sublets any Premises without the consent of the Landlord.

The tenant has been guilty of any public nuisance in the adjoining or neighboring premises.

Where the landlord can show cause to the satisfaction of the Court that the premises are true to the landlord’s requirements.If the tenant is using the premises or letting the premises to others for economic purposes.


Bangladesh has tenancy rights and rent control laws to provide a fair and balanced relationship between landlords and tenants. By understanding these laws and responsibly exercising your rights, you can ensure a safer and more enjoyable rental experience in Bangladesh. If you are ever challenged, consider seeking legal advice or support to protect your rights and interests.

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